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Installation Process

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Mazegrass have a highly experienced and dedicated team who will carry out every step of your installation to the highest possible standard, with minimal inconvenience and disruption. Once the installation is complete, we will perform a quality check to ensure customer satisfaction. If you would like us to carry out a site visit and provide a free quotation, get in touch here.


1. Ground excavation and disposal
of waste

A perfect Mazegrass installation starts with a flawless excavation. Our installation team take special care excavating the area, capping off any irrigation points to stop any leaks when we prepare the foundation. We dispose of all the material we remove, leaving none behind.


2. Gluing edge installation

A gluing edge is a vital part of the installation process. Typically made from interlock brick or cement, the gluing edge is a solid foundation which the artificial grass is attached to. The gluing edge is normally installed around the perimeter of the artificial grass area.


3. Weed membrane installation

Our Geo textile weed membrane aids in preventing weeds from growing through your artificial grass. Acting as a barrier, the membrane sits between the ground surface and the grass layer above. The semi-permeable sheet allows water to pass through, supporting drainage across the area.


4. Installation of aggregate foundation

We form a sub-base with a Grade-A crushed rock aggregate, spreading it evenly across the area.


5. Compaction and levelling of

A solid foundation is mandatory when installing Mazegrass. We achieve a thorough compaction using a whacker plate, a machine designed to level the surface for installation.


6. Cutting approved Mazegrass

Our expert installation team cut your approved type of Mazegrass to size for a flawless finish.

Applying UV resistant adhesive

7. Applying of UV resistant adhesive

Your Mazegrass is fixed into place using a UV resistant adhesive, suitable for the climate in the UAE.

Closing turf seams

8. Closing of seams

This is where our trained experienced installation teams excel perfectly joining the seams, for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Silica sand distribution

9. Silica sand distribution

Mazegrass comes with a dual latex backing. However a silica sand infill is a vital part of the installation process to help the blades stand upright as well as provide extra UV protection to the backing.

Power brush and power blow

10. Power brush and power blow

Power brushing the artificial lawn ensures the grass yarn stands upright looking its best, as well as pushing the silica sand to the base of the grass pile maximizing its effectiveness. A power blower is then used to finish things off, clearing the lawn of any remaining debris.

Turf quality check

11. Quality check

Every Mazegrass installation is quality checked on completion of works to insure the highest standards are met for our customers.

Timelapse Installation

Timelapse Installation

Timelapse Installation
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