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Mazegrass Venice 30mm is the shortest pile within our range, perfect for families with pets and children. The lower pile height makes it easier to clean/maintain and is suitable for high footfall areas. The Venice 30mm has a tri-colour, making it very natural in appearance. It’s priced as the most economical option within our range which is why this type is a favourite with residents who are renting a property.

Venice 30mm.jpg
Venice 30mm 2.jpg
Venice Anchor

Mazegrass Sienna 33mm balances both durability and aesthetics. This 33mm pile comes manufactured with a C-shaped yarn which is suitable for residential and commercial use. The resilient texture of the Sienna 33mm makes it suitable for pets and high traffic areas whilst maintaining a natural appearance.   

Sienna 33mm install.jpg
Sienna 33mm 2.jpg
Sienna Anchor

Mazegrass Regal 38mm is the best seller within our range, its tri-colour combination of vibrant greens and the thatch brown make it a stand out within our sample packs! A premium artificial grass which is dense, resilient and soft to touch for a luxurious feel. If you are in the market for an artificial grass which will transform and rejuvenate your outdoor space, look no further!

Regal 38mm install 3.jpg
Regal 38mm install .jpg
Regal Anchor

Mazegrass Naples 40mm possesses the highest pile within our range, suitable for everyday purpose with an amazing feel. The Naples 40mm also boasts the highest specification of density and stitch rate within the products we provide. Attractive by look and feel, the superb addition to any residential or commercial project.

Victory Heights_edited.jpg
Naples Anchor
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