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Mazegrass has a footprint of business across all residential communities in Dubai. We provide appropriate solutions for residents on a daily basis. Whether it be your backyard or balcony Mazegrass has got you covered.  

For your Home

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Mazegrass understands the importance of cutting costs when running a business. Maintaining natural grass in the UAE can be expensive and can therefore increase your company’s overheads significantly. By investing in artificial grass, you can reduce your water bill by up to 70%. Mazegrass has transformed a large number of communal areas for Hotels, Developments and Schools across the UAE. We provide a full range of artificial grass types which look natural and also come with a 10-year warranty.


For your Business

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Mazegrass works with a number of contractors across the UAE, supplying them with the highest quality artificial grass available in the market. We provide competitive trade rates and can also assist with the installation of the specific type your client has approved. Our trade customers are the core of our business and your dedicated account manager will provide regular recommendations to fit you and your client’s requirements.

For your Client

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Mazegrass has a range of products suitable for pets, all the artificial grass products within our range are lead-free. Each type within the range at Mazegrass is permeable which makes it easy to maintain and clean.

Safe, chemical free

For your Pet

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Our Products

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Venice Mazegrass
Sienna Mazegrass
Regal Mazegrass
Naples Mazegrass

We have installed artificial grass in our garden. The quality is superb. The service was excellent from start to finish.

Susan Palmer

Sienna 33mm - Victory Heights

Our Clients

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