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Mazegrass goes from strength to strength

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Artificial Grass is growing in popularity across the world; many people are now seeing the full benefits of having an artificial lawn. It saves people money, time and when using a company such as Mazegrass with exceptional grass quality the end result is a completely natural looking lawn all year round.

A little sprinkle of Mazegrass magic

9 years ago Mazegrass was set up in the UK with the vision of providing homeowners, businesses and trade buyers with a viable alternative to real grass. Today the vision is much bigger. After successfully building the business and the brand in the UK we thought “why stop there”?

With the lack of rainfall and drought an issue across the globe there has been an excellent opportunity to enter the market on several different continents proving a beautiful lawn for clients where previously this would not have been possible.

Dubai has one of the harshest climates of any city in the world making it impossible to have a yearlong lawn without extortionate water bills. In 2013 Mazegrass opened its doors to customers in Dubai providing a high-quality alternative to cheap poor quality Chinese product that was currently widely being used.

After the success of Dubai, the next move was to increase our presence in the global market, with a 6-month hosepipe ban announced in Western Australia, Perth was the perfect location. The Perth Headquarters has now established itself as one of the leading players in artificial grass on the western coast and is building on each success on a monthly basis.

We are planning to open up in two other countries by the middle of June this year……….Watch this space!



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