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Why choose Mazegrass?

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Many people ask us why is there such a price difference when it comes to shopping for artificial grass? The answer is fairly simple, “you get what you pay for”. There are several elements that make up a good quality artificial grass that not only looks the part but also will stand the test of time.

Khor Fakkan Commercial Project

Using the correct installers is equally as important, as this is a crucial step to the finishing of your new garden. No matter what quality of grass you have bought if it isn’t laid correctly and the adequate ground preparation has been done then you are going to encounter problems.

We have seen a huge surge recently in lots of customers calling us out to price up for the replacement of their existing artificial lawns. Some of them have been down as little as six months and have already begun to discolour and shrink exposing huge joints and creating a real eyesore! (see below image)

We always feel sorry for these customers as they have just been badly advised, generally by landscapers trying to make a quick buck and using the cheapest quality artificial grass they can source at the time.

Here at Mazegrass, we take all the above stress away from you. From your first point of contact, you will have your own dedicated representative to guide you through the entire process and help you decide on the best type of artificial grass for you. Showing you samples, free measure up and estimate, computer-aided visual of how it will look…….Why would you go elsewhere!



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