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Transform your balcony

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Mazegrass quickly realised the need for an alternative surface that hundreds of thousands of balconies in and around Dubai were craving for. Not only does covering your old tired looking tiles or concrete transform the look instantly, there are many other benefits too;

  • The soft comfort underfoot

  • Improved safety aspect for children if they take a tumble

  • Non-slip surface much safer compared to the slip hazard of tiles

  • Reduction in visible dust

  • Effortless maintenance

  • Drainage holes every 10cm apart (so no need to worry about rainfall, it will simply drain away as before)

As mentioned above, the maintenance of this new look area is effortless. You can simply hoover your new artificial turf as you would a thick pile carpet to remove any surface dust, meaning your balcony looks great all year round!

Khor Fakkan Commercial Project



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