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Not just for laying on the ground

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Mazegrass has been in Dubai for the last 5 years supplying and installing artificial grass to both the residential and commercial sector. Artificial grass has been applied to numerous locations including landscaped gardens, sports fields, both indoor and outdoor, roof gardens, balconies to name but a few…

When one of our clients that ran an advertising company came to us with their design we couldn’t wait to get involved and see the end results. They used Mazegrass artificial grass Venice 30mm on a trial on a small 6-meter by 3 meters signage a year ago. Impressed with the look and very concept of having a lush green background excited them. The fact that the grass looked exactly the same one year on as the day it was installed backed up our quality assurance and they knew they had chosen the correct company.

The next step was huge, 12 meters by an 8-meter billboard on the roundabout that was the entrance to Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City- District One. An exclusive and elegant lifestyle community set against natural surroundings. District one is next door to distinguished leisure facilities such as Meydan Racecourse and Grandstand, The Track, Meydan Golf, a 9 hole floodlit golf course, the 5 -star Luxury Meydan hotel and soon to be developed Meydan one Mall.

Such a prestigious project needed the best. Mazegrass was the chosen one!

The signage read Begins #one

Khor Fakkan Commercial Project

Depicting a green canvas with printed material is great to attract attention, but instead of a boring painted background, the designers came up with having artificial grass on the billboard to give it a more natural, realistic look and feel.

This was a challenging project for us considering the size of the billboard and the weight that is going to be on it. The design had to be perfect since the grass was heavy and designed for landscape surfaces.

The installation work was carried out to perfection as planned and was completed when the sun came down.

Artificial grass is adaptable and can be used for endless amounts of creative projects, with stunning results as shown above.



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